4 Ways To Buy Bitcoins Without Verification and With PayPal

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By Martin Obaid, Bitsify Writer

So you want to buy BTC's with Paypal and without verification?

Hmmm! Well that's great news, because your in the perfect spot! Woohoo! Now I've got 4 great ways that you can use to buy BTC's with PayPal + some extras, and by the end of it I assure that you'll be buying away! So lets start!

Easiest method - WeSellCrypto

The most easiest method I have personally found when trying to buy Bitcoin's is through a website called WeSellCrypto's! You not only can buy BTC's with them but they also offer Dogecoin, Litecoin, DASH, and Reddcoin. Their system is one of the best ones around, besides who dosen't want Instant delivery! We'll get into the specifics about that a bit later. Now of course if you aren't verified with them you can still buy BTC's but just not as much. Unverified users can buy $15 USD per day, but verified users can go up to $250+ per day. Now reliability wise, they are speedy and amazing! Actually scratch that, they have a instant delivery system for orders under 250 USD! My Purchase history using WeSellCrypto's:

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The only problem I have found using their service is the pricing, now its abit on the premiumish side, but that's because buying BTC's with PayPal is a huge risk for the service provider, they can easily get scammed and go bankrupt through charge backs. Final Rating: 8.5/10 TL:DR WeSellCrypto's is a solid yet great service, defiantely one that's both user friendly and genuine. Take my word on it, after you use them you'll look sorta like this :relaxed:

High Fees Method - Ebay Yes really! You can buy BTC's off of Ebay, but the seller decides if they want to see verification, most of the times just having a verified PayPal account is fine. The biggest problem with buying off of Ebay is because the seller is taking all the shots, so they decide on the price, and trust me the pricing is brutal!

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They charge you sky high rates, but if you want to buy with Paypal and no Verification, then that's the toll you'll have to take. Oh and as a side note you can even buy Mining contracts and all that stuff from Ebay sellers as well. That's pretty neat! Here is a link to get you started with buying BTC from Ebay Final Rating: 6/10 TL:DR If you don't wan't to verify yourself and wish to pay high fees then Ebay is a great option!

Complicated Way - Virwox

Now chances are if you have been looking around for ways to buy Bitcoins without verification then you might have stumbled upon Virwox! Well to be honest this isn't the best way to do it and there are quite a few reviews that claim after they take your money they would require ID before sending out your BTC's. Well that certainely isn't fair to say the least! Now if you are aware of these risks and wan't to continue, then sure go for it, but give your money some nappies because its scary complicated to use! *Queue the scary Music* © Halloween Horror Music Buying and Withdrawing BTC's with Virwox In a Nutshell Tutorial: Step 1: Go to Virwox Step 2: Click deposit Step 3: Choose PayPal as your payment method Step 4: Convert your money from your currency to SLL currency by placing a sell order Step 5: Place the order amount of SLL Step 6: Click next Step 7: Covert SLL to BTC Step 8: Click Withdraw Step 9: Enter the amount you would like to withdraw and wait apporx 24-48 hours Step 10: Comment down below on how your experience went with them! I would love to know! Final Rating: 4/10 TL:DR High fees, very complicated to use, in comparision to WeSellCrypto's it's ease of use is like comparing a Toyota to a Mercedes Benz...Toyota being Virwox :cold_sweat:

Person to Person - LocalBitcoins

So your settled on not giving anyone your ID over the net? Well yes everyone has their own reasons why and what not. Well if you wouldn't mind meeting people, like literally arranging a meetup at a local area then LocalBitcoins is your solution! You can simply go over there, search for Local's willing to give you BTC's in exchange for cash in hand for a resonable price and that's it walla, that's it! But...what if you don't wan't to meet up? Well some sellers even accept Gift cards, so you can hop online buy a Gift Card with PayPal then click here to find sellers who want Gift Cards in exchange for Bitcoins, then arrange the sale with the seller, and :smile: thats it! Final Rating: 7.8/10 TL:DR If your the type of person that just can't be bothered (Hint: Me in the morning) to arrange a meet up with someone at a Local area then LocalBitcoins might not be the solution for you, but is perfect if you have a spare Gift card lying around...which isn't used :laughing:

Buying BTC using a Credit Card Without Verification - Indacoin

My personal favourite and affiliate is Indacoin! Their website is really easy to use, cleanly organised and their Support team is great if you encounter any problems. Final Rating: 9/10 TL:DR Indacoin is a great option if you really want to buy Bitcoins quick and of course without ID. The only problem is you would require a Credit Card to use their service, but if your not planning on doing anything shady, then you'll be fine

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