Carry Protocol ICO Report - Offline Data Revolution

The Carry Protocol is a blockchain platform that connects offline merchants together on a trustless and verifiable distributed ledger.

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0xcert ICO Report - Create, own, and validate unique assets on the blockchain

0xcert will be creating implementations on the blockchain that will help developers build on top using tools and community embraced conventions.

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DACC ICO Report - The Future Of Digital Content Is Here

Decentralized Accessible Content Chain or Dacc, is blockchain platform that aims to change the way digital content is sent and received.

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Saturn Network ICO Report - Decentralized exchange DAO for all EVM blockchains

The Saturn Network’s team are responsible for the project handling the conversion of ERC20 to ERC223 protocol and…

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TruePlay ICO Report - Transparent & Honest Gambling Platform

TruePlay is a blockchain based system designed to be used for the creation of online based gambling projects, including being a system of support for online casinos.

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Ubex ICO Report - Advertising meets Artificial Intelligence

The Ubex platform will ensure that parties in the advertising world are provided with a plethora of opportunities.

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Traceto ICO Report - Decentralised KYC Network

The Traceto network is based on a KYC framework that is revolutionary. It has also been tested and accepted to work with conventional regulations.

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UseChain ICO Report - Mirror Identity Blockchain System

UseChain is a blockchain start-up with the goal of reforming the way blockchain technology operates by eradicating it of the nagging problems that have perpetually bugged it since its creation.

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PeerAtlas ICO Report - World’s most Advanced Medical Information Resource

PeerAtlas was established by a host of American doctors with a goal to alter the current situation of things.

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Deconet ICO Report - Decentralizing the Knowledge Economy

Due to the availability of pre-built and tested modules, APIs, other projects and packages, developers who make use of Deco.Network can be able to quickly build better applications.

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