What are the 4 best crypto-currencies to invest in?

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By Martin Obaid, Bitsify Writer

So I'm assuming you came here to learn about the 5 best cryptocurrencies to invest in? Well then, sit down get the popcorn and hold your socks before they get blown away! Just kidding let's start! Now before we even get anywhere, the 5 best crypto coins are in my opinion so of course my favourites might be different than your's but that's fine because were all friends at the end! :blush: Starting with the basics: Buying cryptocurrencies is a huge gamble, well that’s because buying and holding cryptocurrencies are of course “investments”. Now if you have BTC's and you're scared of the instability then invest in Xaurum...
Xaurum -The Gold backed Cryptocurrency Xaurum is a cryptocurrency which is backed by gold, yep that’s right it's backed by gold and it has proof that the gold is stored at Loomis, a high-security gold ‘vault’. This coin isn't 100% decentralised of course, because they can't store Gold in your ADSL wires, or I hope not, but Gold is a stable and expensive item so you can rest assured that the price won't just crash and there goes your investment, and that's the exact reason why I like investing into it! Now, investing into this, in the long run, don't expect to triple or double your money, you'll just earn some small gains, but that's fine when playing it safe and making money work for you. Also considering Xaurum’s history with its former coin the growth was quite substantial being slow and steady over time. So what’s to lose, slow and steady wins the race, but be careful I can't guarantee you'll gain!

Ethereum - Decentralised platform that runs smart contracts Now the next on this list is Ethereum. Ethereum has a big future in front of it, it’s something businesses need, something the future is missing, and with the looks of it, the future is very bright for Ethereum.

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Now, what makes Ethereum special is that businesses and companies can create “decentralised platform that runs smart contracts”. Now what makes this so revolutionising is because there is no chance of downtime, censorship, fraud and third party interference, this is now a reality because of the block chain. Thus to sum up the future for Ethereum seems very bright and there is still a lot of room for growth so why not buy a few and see what the future will hold for this bright coin!

Bitcoin -The original, decentralised cryptocurrency Of course Bitcoin would be on this list! It was the first decentralised currency and is a part of history. Now we all know the price statistics of bitcoin from day 1 to this current day, it went from 0$ to ~500$ plus, and the world is just beginning its adoption of Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin’s future seems very clear and progression of BTC ATM’s is already a reality. The price of Bitcoin has surged over the years, for instance, one of the spikes that soared BTC in recent months was because of Spain’s economy crash, specifically speaking a part of Spain called Cyprus. In a nutshell everyone in Cyprus wanted to get their money out of the crashing economy into something else, somewhere their cash could be held and ofcourse they couldn’t convert their cash to other currencies. And that’s when Cyprus turned to Bitcoin for their problem, and because of this, the price of BTC rose even more just from one economy crash. Well, how about the next? Technically speaking the price will soar even more. So if you have any retirement money or any spare money lying around that you would like to invest, why not buy some BTC, but again I can't guarantee anything!

PeerPlays -Gambling solution Gambling is a multimillion dollar industry, it’s so big, with millions of people gambling every day, and with the invention of decentralised cryptocurrencies Bitcoin gambling is now a thing as well, but a question everyone asks is: “I think this site is rigged” or “Yep, it's fake, they stole my money"

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Now that is perfectly normal because well there is no way of checking except for 'trust', but wait...what if there was a way to authenticate the gambling site and have proof it was transparent and fair? Impossible right? Nope, PeerPlays makes it possible. PeerPlays came up with the idea of “World's First Decentralized Tournament Management and Wagering Platform”. Now what’s great is that it’s a relatively new coin so there is a high potential for growth especially if this coin gets adopted into casino’s around the world Could it overtake Bitcoin? Possibly yes! This is because for anything to succeed in this world it needs a meaning, it needs a use for people, and peer Plays does just that. It solves a problem that gamblers always had, and all it needs is adoption by casino’s around the world, and when that happens I (99.98% :blush: ) guarantee you the price will explode. So to sum up the September list for the best cryptocurrencies to invest in are as follows, Xaurum, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and PeerPlays! Be sure to stay tuned for next weeks article!

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