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We, as humans, can get pretty lasy sometimes, and when there's something new in town we want it, and fast, we just want one single source of information that can teach us all about it, honestly, who dosen't?
Are you a Bitcoin Investor, User, or Gambler and want to learn how to Invest better, or Gamble proerly or Learn all about Bitcoin in a short amount of time, but just keep tripping over tons of information thats just too overwhemling and end up spending hours to learn just a tad more?
It's something almost all people in the Bitcoin environment go through.
In this free 3 Part eBook you'll learn about the Big 3 Topics which will take you from a general Bitcoin user to an all rounder badass.
The Big 3:

  • What
  • Algorithm: ARK Coin uses dPos (delegated Proof of Stake), as opposed to PoW, which stops people who own mining farms to have more hash power over others, essentially centralising the network.
  • HyperMedia Protocol: ARK also uses a peer-to-peer InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) which allows ARK to host media on the decentralised net.
  • Physical Card System: ARK is also introducing physical cards, much like a Visa card, but decentralised.
  • Privacy: ARK isn’t lacking privacy wise either, it has an optional privacy feature which can be turned on or off whenever the user wants.
  • The ARK Team: ARK coin’s team is no noob at all, having also developed Lisk, and Crypti, the ARK team consists of 30+ members, so of course this coin is going to have a bright future, and it also stops me from worrying about falling for a Ponzi.
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