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What is the Bit Army

Well first lets start off with what the Bit Army is! The Bit Army is a cool place that teaches Subscribers, also known as the Bit Soldiers, loads of super cool stuff for free! To help you get a better idea here's a list of what Soldiers should expect:

  • Super amazing body melting, jaw dropping fresh content which is delivered straight to their inbox the minute we release it
  • Bit General's Exclusive Guides and Strategies
  • AwesomeBitcoin Updatesto always keep them up to date with the ever changing community
  • Be part ofexclusive polling decisionwhere Bit Generals need help from the Bit Soldiers to help make H.Q aka Bitsify a better experience
  • A free e-Bookas a thank you gift to all new Subscribers (Soldiers), but we'll talk more about the free e-Book a bit later on.

Now this is just a glimpse of what the Soldiers get all for free, and if you're already hungry to hear more then guess what, even you can join the Bit Army, and we'll tell you how on this page.

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Who are the Bit Generals?

The Bit Generals are the ones in charge of the army They are always trying their best to keep their Soldiers fit with fresh Bitcoin and Crypto currency content, while also making posts with exhilarating and "blow your socks off after reading" content They also make sure all this gets delivered straight to our soldiers doors, alongside useful and exclusive information for the troops such as e-Books to help them further with their learning! And last but not least the Bit Generals notify (but never ever spammed) their Soldiers about high quality articles the second its released.

Free e-Book for new Bit Soldiers

The Bit Generals are currently giving away a free e-book for every new Bit Soldier that joins! The e-Book covers the 3 BIG topics, which is suitable for anyone to read, from a Bitcoin Investor, Gambler, User, Enthusiast and all the way to literally everyone who is capable of reading english without even knowing a single thing about Bitcoin!

The 3 main topics that the e-Book will cover are as follows:

  • The first part which is most obviously about BTC Basics and will teach literally anyone who knows nothing about Bitcoin into a lovely and knowledgeable Bitcoin person, even you!

  • Next up, you'll learn how to Invest with Bitcoin and get some cool and pro tips that the Generals learnt in their Rookie years.

  • Then finally to add the cherry to the cake, you can get on board and have some fun with Bitcoin gambling, and as an extra the Bit Generals will even tell you how to gamble without paying a cent!

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Sounds cool so far? Well it sure is and by the looks of it you want to become a Bit Soldier and get all the cool stuff + the eBook to add the cherry to the cake? So then what are you waiting for! To join the Bit Army all we need is your email to send you the eBook and keep you up to date with all the cool stuff you just read

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