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Monkey Capital ICO Report - Ambitious Crypto


In a token market that is growing at an unprecedented rate, the absence of hedge funds that ensure long term investors comfort needs to be urgently developed.

MonkeyCapital, is a hedge fund determined to connect traditional financial markets to the crypto markets, through what they describe as  “propagation”.

In-depth review about Monkey Captial

Monkey Capital is a decentralized Hedge Fund based on a Value Coveal.

A Value Coveal is basically two or more companies or entities making an investment in a project for the purpose of gaining a return.

Monkey Capital Backings

In this specific instance the entities that have taken part in the Value Coveal are as follows;


2) DX Markets

3) LOUD Capital

4) Highway Capital Plc

5)The Factory Banking Company

These 5 reptuable companies listed above all have stakes in Monkey Capital, having already spent a collective of over $5 Million dollars on the fund, and will spend more as the release date approaches.

Essentially the world’s first decentralized hedge fund.

Monkey Capital has put an effort to adopt as many revolutionary features they can, such as a new blockchain.

The block chain has been described as the first that favors cooperation rather than competition.

This has been implemented due to the availability of the Coveal Value.

They have embraced this new modeling of their block chain that has become increasingly visible in coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Monkey Capital Team Overview

The people that form the backbone of Monkey Capital are devoted to its success, all being experienced and qualified members.

The Executive Management Committee consists of;
-Daniel M Harrison

Daniel M Harrison is a Chairman and CEO of DMH&CO, an Entreapunear and has active operations in countries such as Bangkok, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

He has been published and mentioned in The Wall Street Journal and CNN among many other News outlets.

-Joshua Hawley

A seasoned business man and director in many fields that include Real Estate. He is the Cheif Operating Officer at Monkey Capital.

-Stefan Hickmott

The founder and CEO at Evarei, Stefan Hickmott is also the Cheif Financial Officer for Monkey Capital.

These are just some of the many people that will work to assure the continuous success of Monkey Capital.

About the ICO; Details and Overview

Monkey Capital’s ICO is set to begin on August 8th and to end on September 9th.

A billion Money Tokens (MNY) is set to be issued during the Crowdfund. Seizing this opportunity early will only benefit you as Monkey Capital shows no signs of its progress slowing.

They have selected Waves as their platform of choice due to its increased Security and stability and its superior integration that grants users more assurance and protection.

In all, Monkey Capital is a decentralized Hedge fund that is created by a Value Coveal. Reputable companies have invested in its success and so have accomplished Bussiness men.

This ambitious coin has set out to revolutionise the world of investing in hedge funds as we know it, and we believe there is a lot to gain by investing in Monkey Capital!

Monkey Capital site

Monkey Capital whitepaper

Bitcoin talk Verification:;u=909596

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