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Datum ICO Report - Get Paid For Selling Your Own Data

Datum allows the average person who owns a smartphone, a wearable, or any device that connects to the internet (IOTs) take charge of their personal data. It gives them the option of monetizing the data contained in these devices.

Exploitation of Personal Data

In Datum’s short video, which can be found on the first page of their website (link below), they claim that large corporations have been selling user data without actually rewarding users. But how much of that is advertising fluff, and how much is of real concern?

It turns out that corporations may have been at it longer than we know; and that in recent times, laws that protect consumers against such moves might be eroded. In the past, ISPs in the US used to require consent from their customers in order to sell such data.

That changed in early April 2017 via a US Congress vote. ‘Data-brokering’ companies like Acxiom (at times described as ‘the biggest company you’ve never heard of’) have been at it for much longer, churning up more than billion dollar profits each year. In other words, corporations have been receiving fat paychecks from gleaning behavioural data of the average consumer, and Datum wants to change that.

Datum’s 3 prong structure

In Datum’s system, users are anonymous and may submit their data securely to the blockchain.

Data is then stored by miners in storage nodes where they will be compensated in DAT tokens for their services. Finally, data may be acquired by buyers (data consumers) with price and terms agreed upon by users.

The amount of data a user chooses to share is customizable, which may at some point render them no longer anonymous (if they should to share almost everything about themselves). According to the whitepaper, users have 5 levels of control in sharing their data:

  1. Share disabled
  2. Share with specific, identified and known data consumers
  3. Share with specific, identified and known data consumers for a minimum fee
  4. Share with everyone
  5. Share with everyone for a minimum fee

Ease of use

Datum will make all this possible by using a mobile/desktop app, and according to their website, they will not need to interact with cryptocurrency wallets themselves that are often not user-friendly. Platforms that support various IoT devices are also on their roadmap.

Project Roadmap

So when is the project expected to deliver on its functionalities?

According to the white paper, Datum has already released an Alpha version for testing in August 2017.

The Beta release will be in December 2017 (with only basic features). A Release Candidate with full functionality will be released in March 2018, while the Datum Main Network will launch in June 2018.

The Datum Main Network will consist of the decentralized Storage Layer, the Datum App, and Open API’s for data submission (from various IOTs) and data consumption.  


Total token supply: 3,000,000,000

Token type:  DAT

Token Distribution:  4th-11th December 2017

  • 51% ICO Crowdsale
  • 4.9% Presale
  • 29% Community initiatives, user growth, business development, academic research, and future market expansion
  • 20% DAT core developers, founders and advisors over a two year vesting period

ICO Sale Phase:   29th October 13:00 UTC to 29 November 13:00 UTC

Token Price:  10000 DAT for 1 ETH

Crowdfunding Usage:   

  • 15% Operations
  • 5% Legal
  • 5% Security
  • 15% Marketing
  • 60% Development
  • Up to 40% of raised funds will be hedged in USD/EUR/BTC to provide a runway of 24+ 

Team Overview - Members & Advisors

Roger Haenni

CEO, Co-Founder

Tech Wizard & Serial Entrepreneur, 17 years experience in big data systems. Co-Founder of StockX, SwissInvest, and Kosi.

  1. Gebhard Scherrer

Operations, Co-Founder

Product and Service Specialist, 20 years experience in operations and sales. Co-Founder of Gelid Thermal Solutions and Arctic Cooling.

  1. VC Tran

Marketing, Co-Founder

Brand and Marketing Expert, 10 years marketing experience taking Gelid from launch to one of the leading CPU Cooler & Fan brands.

  1. Theo Valich

Head of Growth

Entrepreneur & Analyst, 21 years experience in technology, from GPU to supercomputer design. Co-Founder of Space Image Network, Robotic Systems and VR World.

  1. Florian Honegger

Smart Contract Expert

15 years experience as enterprise document and data management architect in automotive, defence and micromechanics sectors.

  1. Vitaly Krinitsin

Community Manager

Dreams and bleeds technology, years of experience as community liaison and online marketer building engaged audiences in Russia and abroad.

  1. Matt Kimball

Programmer / Designer

25 years of experience writing data intensive apps and websites, from real-time 3D to maze-solving AI’s.

  1. Tevon Strand-Brown

Software Engineer

Stanford University ’19, B.S. Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence). Software Engineer with a strong interest in blockchain and financial technologies.

  1. Luis Fernando Varela

Software Engineer

Stanford University ’19, B.S. Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence). Software Engineer with a strong interest in blockchain and financial technologies.

  1. Christiana Kuo-chen Chien

Community Management

With over 15 years customer service experience in high-tech, finance, events management, hotel management, international conferences, and a stint in the educational field, Christiana enjoys fostering positive relations amongst people of diverse backgrounds.

  1. Alex Yedomski

Programmer / Web-developer

7 years of experience writing web and mobile applications. Web-developer with a strong interest in front-end technologies.

  1. Eugene Kyselov

Programmer / Front-end developer

5+ years of experience in design, development and maintenance of web server-side projects, modules and solutions. Passionate about blockchain and AR technologies.


  1. Chris Miess

Previously CFO at TenX raising $80M in their Token Sale. Before finding his passion for blockchain Chris was with Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley.

  1. Daniel Saito

Co-Founder of RIMNET K.K., MySQL K.K., RedRobot K.K.

Managing Director for MySQL In Asia. Co-Founder of MariaDB (formerly known as SkySQL), Daniel is a seasoned Marketing and Sales Executive with decades of big data experience and crypto.

  1. Michael Egorov

Proxy Re-Encryption expert and CTO/Co-Founder of NuCypher. In the past, Senior Software Engineer at LinkedIn; PhD in Physics of ultracold atoms 

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